Need hints about panel extension to follow other channels and onAuthorized not called


newbie extension developer here.
I’m trying to build a panel extension as a toy project, the extension should be a panel with a list of channels that people can follow directly from the list.
As far as I know this should be possible using twitch.ext.actions.followChannel.

Now, is it the action available automatically for authenticated users?

Moreover, an issue I’m facing is that the onAuthorized function is never called… I’m using the React boilerplate starter project. and twitch-ext.min.js is loaded.
Do I need this for this kind of extension?

I appreciate any help
Thanks in advance

If you don’t know react, skip it.

An extension can just be pure HTML/JS/CSS. No need to faff about with React.

Without seeing your code, I can’t comment as to why twitch.ext.onAuthorized is not firing, usually this might be due to other Javascript errors that should be provided via the console.

Helper actions (follow)

Doesn’t mentioned if a user needs to share their ID first, but it probably doesn’t (have not tested).