New subs and re-sub alerts with tmi.js

I have a question about tmi.js. I would like to send a message for new subs and re-subs using these events.

These events pass objects like userstate and methods but there is no description of these objects in the documentation. Does anyone have any sample code how to construct a message with the passed parameters to thank users for subbing to a channel?

For userstate information, these are the docs you’re after

And method, that’s just a property that the module adds to say what type of sub it is, all of which can be found in userstate anyway.

Also keep in mind tmi.js is heavily out of date. Last time I checked it hadn’t been updated in months, so didn’t include any of the gift sub stuff.

Ok! How would you do this in TwitchJS to construct these messages?

I see how to do this now from the documentation. Is there anyway to send test events for TwitchJS to see if these will work ok?

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