New Subscriber event in IRC

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything clear on the topic in google, apologies.

I’m looking for the format of a new subscriber event in IRC. The documentation only covers re-subs, which as I can tell from this announcement is a different message type than new subs. I just need to know what the twitch IRC syntax is for a new subscriber event.

(I’m also assuming from reading the documentation that this cannot be retrieved with PubSub either.)

Thank you!

twitchnotify sends these as normal PRIVMSG messages. The message never contains tags at the moment and the first word will be the display name of the subscriber. This can be localized for asian users.

:twitchnotify! PRIVMSG #nl_kripp :Desmora just subscribed with Twitch Prime!
:twitchnotify! PRIVMSG #twitchpresents :Necktop just subscribed!
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Ok, how do I determine account name of a new sub? CoolStoryBob

Thank you very much!

You’ll need to use the search API right now. Also remember display names may in some cases contain spaces, so you can’t reliably just take the first word.

You can also use the following endpoint to get a user by name:{name}

Which doesn’t work when the new sub is announced using their display name of korean characters.

So for ease of use we gotta use search :expressionless:

Hello guys,

I’ll join this topic with extended question. I found everything that @pidgezero_one and @3ventic wrote, my only question is HOW TO DETERMINE DURATION OF NEW SUB? i cant find anything about it anywhere.

You cannot determine duration of a new subscriber (or any subscriber for that matter).

@3ventic this article says that for resubs i will receive msg-param-months. this value is amount of months for current resub (example i’m making subs every 1/3/6 month’s) or it’s total amount of month’s that user is subscribed for channel?

It’s the month of sub the user is starting (and thus paid for).

So the first “resub” is “2 months in a row” and “today this day of the notification is day one of the second month” in this example

Give or take a notification time period

Correct. I was answering on the assumption you were trying to figure out how many months they’ve paid for in advance (1,3,6). That’s not possible, while knowing how many are in the past on the current streak is by checking the notification data in chat.

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