Checking if person is subscribed (IRC)

Hey, i’m using the the pircbot code with java to make my bot, I just have a question - how do you check if someone is a subscriber on the channel through IRC or know if someone is? Is there any +v or -v or something?

Send the command “TWITCHCLIENT 2” and you’ll start receiving subscriber events.

What do you mean: “TWITCHCLIENT 2” ?

@EliteCanadian Send it like you would send any command. It’s a custom command for the Twitch IRC server.

Look for how to send your own custom commands in the client/framework you’re using.

You need to send it as a raw server command, and that would mean not in a privmsg to a channel.

After specifying that you’re a twitchclient, you should start to get private messages from a user named “jtv.”

The message will say

SPECIALUSER username subscriber

Keep in mind that these messages are sent without context, so if you are trying to get subscribers for multiple chatrooms it is not possible without separate connections.

If you’ve written a class that extends PircBot then just do:
this.SendRawLine(“TWITCHCLIENT 2”);

I’d like to suggest an addition to the output syntax of the notice we get from the server.

Currently it’s:

SPECIALUSER [nick] subscriber


SPECIALUSER [nick] subscriber [stream]

So that you have the stream that user’s subscription is corresponding to?

If you’re joined to multiple channels there’s no way to tell if that users is a subscriber in stream A and not stream B.