New To Twitch Dev

I am trying to create a simple overlay extension for my stream. I am a software engineer at UIUC, and have a lot of experience with Java, C++, and Python. However I do not have much experience with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

I was wondering if any veteran user of Twitch Dev can explain to me the process of creating my first Twitch Overlay. Is this something that can be done with little knowledge in the aforementioned topics?

I want to start with something very very simple like a blue box with the streamer’s name in it. Can someone steer me in the right direction? Possible Github repositories that can walk me through my first extension?


You don’t need anything more than html/css/js knowledge. You do need to be able to follow instructions :slight_smile: Try here and go through the thing it should get you a nice hello world app going:

A twitch extension frontend is all HTML, JS and CSS.

Creating what you describe requires only these things. HTML/CSS to make the blue box.

And a bit of JS to fetch in data from Twitch to convert the TwitchID passed in to the Channel Name.

Extensions are “easy” as they are JUST HTML/JS/CSS. And you just need the ability to make AJAX calls from JS to your server. It’s the same as building a website, just your front end is on a different server to your backend.

A sample extension covering your example would only contain HTML/JS/CSS. It wouldn’t have much else in it that you wouldn’t learn from a “standard” course in web development.