Ultra Noob Question - where to start with learning how to make extensions

Hey gang,

I want to get into making extensions, and I’m thinking about it on a very long time line. I have very little development experience. What languages do I need to focus on to start developing twitch extensions? My vague understanding is that it’s like programming web apps (HTML, Javascript, maybe more). Would someone be willing to point me in the right direction? Many thanks.


Meant to say that I combed through this page and still couldn’t figure it out, let me know if I’m missing something:

An extension requires a frontend. It is built using web technologies: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Optionally, an extension could leverage a backend. It may be worthwhile avoiding building an extension that requires a backend if you are also learning to write code at the same time.

To start, I’d suggest coming up with an idea of what you want your extension to do. From there, investigate what is needed to achieve that.

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Thank you very much for your response. I have a tutorial series on those languages so I’ll start there. Many thanks!