No More Twitch App

I own a PC but do not currently have access to it for personal reasons, and recently have been using a Chromebook. I talk to my friends daily with the App.Twitch browser app for D&D and other stuff. But as of today Dec, 14th 2017 the browser app is gone and the URL has been replaced by a message saying that it has been removed, and that I must use the App to talk to my friends. Well this is a problem for me because I use a Chromebook, and the Twitch app is not compatible with OS, only Windows. I just want a Twitch Developer to acknowledge my problem and maybe do something about it. Either make it compatible with OS or add a browser extension, or something for people without a Windows operating system. A friend and I much prefer twitch as opposed to Discord, in fact my friend straight up refuses to use Discord, so this has really put a dent in our relationship, and the contact between me and my friends.

This is a third party developer forum, we have no input or say on what features Twitch releases to the general public. I suggest you check out Twitch’s uservoice here:

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