Not lucky with my Extension review

Hello Team,

I am looking for help, please.

I did submit my extension and got a response back that because I was not live streaming they were not able to review my extension.

So I have started a 24/7 stream for Twitch Team to test and after 48 hours (while the stream was live) I got a response that my extension was placed on pending approval because my channel was not live (while it was and still live)

  • I have provided URL of the live stream
  • All the info about the extension
  • Screen capture of the current live stream and what to look for when you test the 4 buttons of the extension what/where they will see the results on the live stream.

The test takes about 2 minutes and the result is instantly visible without someone being there.

So my question is, when they say the channel is not live and it was, do I need myself to be visible on Camera because the test can be done so easily without anyone on stream and all the demo is set up on the live stream and ready to go. (I seriously don’t see any added value to have myself there)

Here’s the reference if someone from Twitch Team see this message: [ ref:_00D5A16sES._5006e1bg9yO:ref ]

Thank you :slight_smile:

You don’t need to be in the stream in person if your Extension doesn’t need it. Many of us just use ffmpeg to broadcast a test pattern while going through the review process.

You’ll need to respond to the email you received. No one here can assist with reviews as the review team don’t communicate regarding reviews outside of those emails.

Explain your situation to them, and that you were live and let them know your channel again just in case they made a mistake and went to the wrong one.


Thank you @dist for your quick reply - I did respond instantly and told them my site was live and I have provided again the URL and the instructions (screen capture) - What I am not too sure, if they will read it or I need to re-submit because look at the last line of their response: 01.13.2022-12.21.29

Twitch doesn’t like streams being live more than 48 hours so even though you were live it may have errored and not shown your stream. I restart my stream daily when submitting for reviews because of that.

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Thank you for the advice @WLG3R - I will restart daily until I it’s reviewed. Crossing my fingers that I am not losing another week.