OAuth for Helix

I’m a little confused with the new OAuth requirements.

My app just gets current live streams for games. Why do I need OAuth token for an action like this? Is there a way to do this for more public API’s that don’t access specific user information without requiring users to sign-in and authorize my app?

Covers the why

You would use an App Access Token aka server to server token for such a request.

Among other thongs, it gives you the higher rate limit to play with.

You can also look at moving this task to a cronjob, and cache the results and return the cache to users reducing the number of API calls you make

Ok, I think I’m going to move back to the Kraken API while I still evaluate this. I’m not sure it’s even worth maintaining my app with all this extra work.

What’s the timeline expected to keep the V5 API working?


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