OAuth Redirect URL(2)

Hi, I found a requirement on the Twitch App site to register an App you need an OAuth Redirect URL. I know what it is but how do I get one? Please, somebody, help me!
Update: I found a way to get the Redirect URL and now I have the token but what do I do with it? (For the OAuth Redirect URL put to do it put https://twitchapps.com/tokengen/ and there you should get the token)

Normally you would set the redirectURL to a server you control.

And on that server you put your code to run/create/perform validation.

If you are not planning on using Authentication with twitch then you do not need to put a redirectURL, just need to put http://localhost/

What are you trying to do? If you are just trying to obtain a ClientID in order to use the API, set your redirectURL to http://localhost/ and ignore it

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