Obtaining user's email id even if email is not verified

I am working on an application using Django/Python.
I am implementing Twitch Connect and I need email address of the user for my application.

My problem is that if the user has verified email id, i obtain it as apart of the django social auth pipeline in “details” argument.
However, if the user has not verified his/her email, ‘email’ key does not exist in details.

Is there any way I can ensure that email always flows through?

Thank you!


Edit: as in, if the email address is unverified and therefore not in the auth response you shouldn’t trust the user since they have not verified

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No, ask the user to verify their email address.


Hey {username}, you’re almost done with your registration process. Please go to Twitch Settings/Profile and check the email field. If you’re using an unverified email address, you’ll find a message informing you of your next steps. If not, you’re good to go!

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