OAuth: Knowing whether a user has verified their email?

Hi, I’m using OAuth with the user:read:email scopes, and then get it with a https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users call.

However, I could not find a way to tell whether the user has verified their email (on Twitch) or not, is there any way to do that?

I found this similar thread but I’m pretty sure it’s outdated, as I don’t get the email in the /authorize response at all when testing on my account (which is verified):

Thanks in advance!

If you get an email in the response, then it’s verified.

If the email is blank/missing, then it’s not verified.

I tested it on an account with an unverified email, and the email was present in the response.

I’m using https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users to get the email. Maybe I’m using the wrong endpoint?

Would seem that the behaviour has changed under Helix at least then…

Could it be an unexpected behavior of Helix? Any way to contact the Twitch API devs?


You just did.

They check the forums periodically

The docs make no opinion on an email being verified or not.

What’s your use case for needing it to be verified?

Right now, I mostly seek to use Twitch as an alternative authentication method for my app (though I do intend to actually make usage of the API in the very soon). The current authentication methods include Email/Password & Google OAuth.

In a case where a user previously signed in with their email, if that same user were to now sign in with a Twitch account that holds the same email, I’d like to be able to log them in to their old account on my end, rather than creating a new account; This is both for the reason of allowing the user access of their past preferences and data, and for the sake of not having duplicate user accounts & data in my own system. I can’t do that if I do not know whether the email is verified or not for security reasons (I can expand on that, but I believe it’s pretty obvious).

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