Open Source C# .Net and Wpf IRC Chat client

Hi all after many months of work, I decided to open source my code for a Twitch Chat IRC client. The basic library is the basis for my personal bot projects. It doesn’t use any external IRC (or any external libraries at all). The wpf code is mainly just an interface to show how to use the IRC library to interact with twitch chat. If you are learning MVVM patterns with WPF its a good read for you as well. The IRC library is RFC compliant for only the commands that are important for Twitch IRC. Please enjoy and create!


Looks a lot cleaner than what a lot of people tend to share here, code wise. Will take a look at the UI when I get home in a couple hours, but overall it’s a pretty nice starter bot.

Are you considering the bot ‘done’ or are you still developing it?

Using Json.Net is probably more standard than Microsoft Json in the real world, I think it’s one of the few items that is really worth having a third party dependency. Up to you, but Json.Net is love.

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The open source version I released is just the IRC part for the community. I see alot of question raised about how to go about connecting to Twitch IRC and I hope this helps people improve their learning. I have projects im developing off of this base.

I do use Json.NET in my personal projects. For the purpose of others learning I didn’t want using external libraries to be a barrier to their understanding.

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Thank you for your contribution to the community! Really great to see this! i’m biased though–C# for 9 years of my career. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! If people branch this enough I was thinking of making a web-based javascript version now that you guys support websocket irc.

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