Organization for API use only

Hi folks, I’m building an application that uses the Helix API.

I’m a developer for a company though, and we’d like to avoid using personal accounts to manage our integrations where possible. I saw that Twitch has an Organizations feature, but that seems targetted more at game and extension developers, neither of which describes my company. I’m hoping that I can set up an organization and that organization can own our Applications in the twitch platform, so they’re not tied to my credentials. I’m also hoping that making an organization will allow my teammates to register twitch accounts, join the organization and then manage our applications with their own logins.

Is this how it works, or would I be better off making a single account for my company and share the credentials internally?

Organization can’t setup “Applications” in the console ATM, but I believe this is the uservoice for it. The more they see a feature requested, the more likely they are to implement it.

Ah, that’s too bad. Thanks for the answer and link!

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