Organization Application Denied Assistance

Hello there,

Last week I applied for our studio, Proxima (, to be added as an organization from my personal Twitch account (@nickzaktv) and was denied. I think it was understandable given it didn’t use my work email and I may have incorrected filed the submission anyway.

That said, it would be incredibly helpful if I could get Twitch’s assistance in setting up my organization with the new application I just put through with this account using my work email. Our game Suck Up! (already part of the IGDB) is being streamed more and more every day, and while I rarely encounter users who question if I am actually a developer on the game or not, it would be nice to give them the assurance that I am in fact one of the creators of the game.

Also, as we plan to incorporate new features that specifically help promote creators to stream on your platform, access to APIs and the such will become critical.

I appreciate any help that you may be able to offer.


Head of Creative & Game Design

For the record: You don’t need an organisation to access the API.
Since (generally speaking) clientID’s for app’s cannot be owned by Orgs

Ah I see. Unfortunately, I am covering for my more tech-savvy partner at this time, so please pardon any fumbling I may make on my part.

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