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Hey fellow developers,
the last few days i was messing around with these changes to get some scripts working again with this change. I feel like someone should really bring up the point with a testing account for subscription stuff, since it can be really frustrating if the only way of really testing something is camping large streams and just hope somebody will resubscribe.
I know that everything mentioned in that post should be enough, but sometimes things still do not work.
For example in my case, i had a problem with resubscriptions without a message. And it is really annoying to camp some large streams and hope for a resubscriber who wont use a message.
There were some discussions about a year ago about some test accounts with subscription features and so on. Any news on that?

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For testing these things I basicially have a command that can feed any raw IRC message I enter directly into my IRC parser, as it would have come from the server. That way I can test all variations of messages, even ones that Twitch (currently) doesn’t send and make sure it handles it without an error. I still look at the actual messages received from Twitch though, but being able to simulate messages helps a lot.

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