'peroid' param in helix/videos not working

Im trying to only get a list of vods created within the last month. The docs tell me that it should be achievable by including a ‘period’ query param with the value ‘month’, however adding that doesn’t seem to do anything to the results.

Am I missing something here? or does the period query param not actually do anything? If not, why is it included in the docs?

I just made the following request - https://api.twitch.tv/helix/videos?user_id=14293484&period=month&type=archive&first=100
and received these results - https://pastebin.com/J8cxh4YP

If you scroll down and look at created_at dates, you can very clearly see it goes far beyond a single month.

Is there currently any way to filter these results by the date created?

The RFC 3339 spec orders the date time as YYYY-MM-DD... meaning the year comes first, then the month, then the day. The latest video returned from your response was July 1, 2019 which falls within the “month” Twitch uses.

my apologies, I forgot to update the pastebin link while working on this post, the pastebin originally linked didn’t have some of the query params included, most importantly the first=100 param.
I’ve edited the post to include the correct response for the linked request.
Had you actually attempted to make the rqeuest, you would find that the value of the ‘created_at’ for the oldest video is well beyond the month range
“created_at”: “2019-01-25T02:24:45Z”

I couldn’t attempt to make the request because I don’t have the ability to while at work. I’ll verify the request once I get home.

From my testing it appears like the period is being ignored altogether. When I request all videos I get the complete list every time. I guess this is both a good and a bad thing.

It’s good because I was actually able to request all videos. That means they finally fixed the cursor offset bug that prevented you from using a cursor that resolved to an offset of 600 or more. Well, sort of. For some reason I can request all videos when I try and only filter by period but not only by type, sort, or language. But when I request all pages without any filters it works fine. The bad is obviously this endpoint is a mess and it’s nearly entirely broken.

My guess is they’re still in the middle of fixing pagination and caused some bad side effects since filtering worked well-enough before (there were still cases where filtering was broken, but not nearly as bad as it is now). Hopefully everything will be in working order soon.

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