Pinned Cheers API

This tweet:

Mentions “an API for more control, and more!”

Docs for said API plox :slight_smile:


I was on vacation Thurs/Fri. I’ll try and get those together for you today! :slight_smile:

Any update on the docs for this? :slight_smile:

Ah! I’ll put this here for now. It’s a v5 API, and I’ve been furiously working on those with the v5 announcement. :slight_smile:

v5 only


Required scope: chat_login
User must be broadcaster, channel mod, or message owner.

Returns a payload with info about the pinned cheer you just dismissed.

401 Unauthorized if the user isn’t authorized to dismiss the pinned cheer.


So that link will view the most recent dismissed cheer or it will dismiss the current cheer (assuming the latter due to the required scope)?

Is there another endpoint to view either the current pinned cheer without dismissing it or an endpoint to view the broadcasters minimum cheer for pinning? Or we will find out when the docs are posted in Dec? :wink:


It will dismiss the current cheer and return what that cheer was.

Yeah, that’s what I figured given how it was presented, just wanted to confirm.

It just seems a bit redundant that in order to see the cheer via an endpoint it will also dismiss it, so i’m hoping there will be an endpoint just to view it without the dismissal - though I’m sure we haven’t seen everything yet as its probably still being built (the docs, that is).

Well logically, you would be consuming the cheers events via pubsub and (assume that) the last received cheer event you got is the one that is pinned, which would usually be the case.

Usually, yup :slight_smile: Though that is also why I mentioned the ability to view the channels minimum for a cheer to be pinned, since if we had that info then we could use that alongside cheer events to accurately verify a pinned cheer.

I personally don’t have a business case for it, I think just it would be nice for the ability to be there :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the unofficial stuff I found:{CHAN_ID}/events/recent

And consume pubsub:


Which may be of use

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