Pinned Cheers Deletion from IRC or PubSub?

Hey there!

I realise this is a fairly new feature and is in early stages but is there currently any way for bots to be able to remove pinned cheer messages?



That doesn’t seem to be a command. Is there something I’m missing?

Use /unpin

.unpin should work, but you are correct, it says unrecognized command.

Neither /unpin nor .unpin work for me. Have tried refreshing too.

If you’re using an extension like FFZ or BTTV, turn it off.

Did and it works now! Thanks very much for your and @BarryCarlyon 's help.

Weird that BTTV intercepts all command requests though. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you said “bot” not “user who may or may not be using BTTV”

So I gave the correct function call for a IRC user. (/pin would of been interpreted as a IRCd server command so .pin over IRC is correct)

As with any new feature Twitch rolls out. ALWAYS TEST IT WITHOUT THIRD PARTY PLUGINS ON


Yeah I know - that was my bad. I wanted to test it out and see it worked before I added it to the bot.

Yeah I know you did and thanks very much for your quick reply!

Yup lesson learnt lol

I’ve finally had a moment to test. .unpin doesn’t work but /unpin does. So sending that over PURE IRC could be funky. But over WS IRC should be fine. poking continues

After some digging

It seems that a bot connected via TMI (Over WebSocket or IRC) cannot perform a unpin

@BarryCarlyon Nice work!

On-site it seems like the /unpin is never sent via TMI.

Instead it sends a HTTP DELETE to

Hopefully this is part of the API that they said they would release today for pinned cheers?

Yeah thats what I observed. I just didn’t want to post what I have observed :stuck_out_tongue:

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