Players unable to claim drops from inventory

Good day!

We are currently having an issue with our Drops Campaign where some users are unable to claim drops from their twitch inventory. They get the message “Error Occurred. Drop was not claimed.” as a banner.

Fortunately I am having the same issue myself and get the same error when trying to claim the first drop. It is a time-based drop, 60 minutes and is displaying the “Claim Now” button in my inventory.

For context, we did change the campaign end date from 29/10/2020 to 05/11/2020 last week. In the campaign details window on the Twitch Developers page I am aware it tells us “Changing your campaign date range will not automatically update your Drops date range.”, but when I go into the drops tab they all have the correct end date (they are all set to have the same start and end dates as the campaign).

We are at a loss of what to do. Do any of you have experience with this issue? Do we need to disable and re-enable the campaign for the drops dates to update? Appriciate any help!

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