Polling for followers without server

Hi is there any API that I can use to listen for follow/unfollow events of a broadcaster without going through custom callback endpoints on a server but directly from front-end client?

I’m currently using the webhooks for such events on my server. I’m running into a few concurrency issues which can be solved with some extra logic to manage different listeners but most importantly I don’t want to have to scale my server. My app would need to listen for too many broadcasters simultaneously. We don’t have the manpower/expertise/finances to maintain such a system.

We’re also using the twitch chat IRC from the front-end client directly to listen for chat messages in each broadcaster’s channel and that is completely fine. Is there anything like a websocket connection that I can use for follow/unfollow/ban as well?

Anyone have a good long polling setup for the webhooks?

EventSub/Webhooks replaces long polling, so not sure what you mean here.

You probably want eventsub, then Twitch will tell you when a new follow event occurs.

And if you can’t finance it then you need to monetise it, to help cover it’s costs.

Then you’ll have a problem whether you long poll, or use EventSub/Webhooks…

There is no unfollow event/api, for abuse reasons

Follows can be long polled from, so you’d have to fetch data and compare.

If you don’t want to go via a server for EventSub/Webhooks, then you’ll be long polling the Follows API, locally using an implict token instead and growing a database on the users computer to remove/prevent duplicate events. This can be impractical, since just burning space on the users PC, (sure you can go session based instead) and EventSub/Webhooks tied to a database is likely to be more performant for deduplication.

Seems like long-polling the follows api in a local session on the user’s OBS browser is the solution that fits the most. EventSub/Webhooks requires a scaling server solution that manages all broadcasters that are currently using the app. To handle space issues, I think we’ll just save the “new” followers in the session and refresh that list every so often. It’s not a big deal if we report someone that followed/unfollowed across different sessions. As long as there’s no spam.

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