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Twitch has introduced new features for e.g. highlighting messages by using bits. I didn’t find anything about this on Twitch Api documentation, so I guess I can’t get any API event about power-ups. In messages Tags-object I can find animation-id which tells, that power-up was used for highlighting message, but there is no information about bit amount like hypechat-message tag had. Twitch - could you please include the bit amount to tags-object, or add an API event for that.
Any hints?

Refer to the change log Changelog | Twitch Developers

This information has been added to various eventsub topics.

Channels/broadcasters set the price, users don’t, unless hypechat.

So conceptually the streamer already know what the viewer paid when the event occurs.

See also this uservoice:

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Yes, I’ve seen the changelog. And I know, that the broadcaster sets the price of power-ups, but I still need to get the price somehow - without requiring the broadcaster to enter all the prices to my app. Also, I don’t know how to get any event about On-screen celebration. Message effects and emote gigantifies can be picked up from chat messages.
Oh, there is already a UserVoice item about this topic. I didn’t check that. Thanks.

At the moment this isn’t possible. Hence I linked the uservoice requesting this data.

Change log from 2024-05-22 it’s on the Automatic Redeem Topic with a reward_type of celebration

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But this is for channel points - not for power-up by bits?

It does powerups as well as per the documentation

basically it’s an automatic reward for 0 channel points that is triggered in response to a bits usage


And all three are obtained by viewers from the channel point shop UI


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Great - it works! I didn’t have “channel.channel_points_automatic_reward_redemption.add” event subscribed, just “channel.channel_points_custom_reward_redemption.add” and update. So, now I get all those power-up events nicely. Only the bit amount used is missing, but I can live with it until Twitch deliver it somehow.

Thank you so much! :pray:

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