Problem inTwitch Drop Test Stage

Our twitch drop has reached the testing stage, but we have encountered a problem during testing.(champain id:3a6e116d-2f1c-49fa-97c4-858329b4ff5a) (client id:h446kothpdaugzjom3x5qgwkacbthj)

The twitch drop event has not been activated.

Both the steamer account(freestylefootballr_sean) and the audience account(835760613) have completed the account connection and have been granted access to the test, the steamer account has enabled the drop function and modulates the corresponding game with the cateloges in the stream info


but the corresponding Twitch Drop notice does not appear in the chat bar. The viewer does not get the drop progress.

I would like to know what factors could have led to the current situation
I would be grateful for any answers

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