Product Presentation in Twitch Extension

Hey there,

I’m currently developing an extension which purpose is to display product shown on stream on an full screen component. After reading the extensions guidelines, I still have a couple of question regarding the feasibility of this project:

Can I show the product image / details even though the channel using the extension is not owned by the brand itself ? The image would just contain the product itself and not necessarily put an emphasis on the brand.Example product
The CTA would open the amazon page of that product in a new tab.

No brand is specifically linked to that extension and its usage would be limited to a particular channel. Each time the extension would be used, it would contain a different brand. No brand logo would be present anywhere but on the product itself. Would that be considered product branding ?

Hopefully this was clear enough, and thanks for the help in advance…

You likely wont get a definitive answer until you submit the extension for review. One comment I have on your usage of images, make sure wherever you’re getting the images from has explicitly granted you permission to use their images, as unless you have permission it’s copyright infringement and you may be liable for DMCA action against you.

Yeah that should be fine on that part, the brand is providing the images.
Ok thank you!