Clarification on Extension Guidelines


I’m a developer at a company that produces esports content, and was looking into using extensions for some of our shows.

Reading the ‘Submitting your Extension for Review’, I noticed this line:

Don’t submit an extension which:
Contains advertisements or sponsorship content (excepting your own developer branding).

(Url for reference):

To what extent does our “developer branding” extend to? I.e., if we have a show with an X partner, are we prohibited from having any of their branding displayed on the extension?

A real world example would be Extension powered by .

Should be ok, but any way you can attach or send me a mock?

sure, heres a quick

Wasn’t sure if this was okay, since these sort of things serve mainly as “advertisement”, but it’s more evergreen than a straight up ad telling you to buy something.

Another example I can think of is a cobranded raffle system, where we give away the sponsors product (using coke for an example, a coke lottery extension, where winners get coke).

I guess my ultimate question is, at what point does something become an advertisement? It’s not very clear, because there are extensions that effectively serve as advertisements (they feature their branding, which leads to their website->their product->ultimately translates to revenue). This guideline feels strange to me, since it’s been mentioned that twitch is trying to allow us to monetize extensions.

And if advertisement/sponsorship extensions are allowed, are there restrictions? And if so what are they? I have to imagine there are some, it doesn’t seem to be within Twitch’s best interests to have competitors advertise on their site.