Programmatically/Automatically Highlight my past broadcasts

I was looking for a useful bit of code to help me make highlights. I love making use of the Twitch API and have built many simple tools to help me automate my Twitch channel. My experience is relatively novice but I like to dig in.

After multiple attempts over the last few weeks, I wasn’t able any code to script stream highlighting. Perhaps I wasn’t looking in the right place, so I am reaching out to the developer community.

Use case scenario: This might be irrelevant, but just to clarify “what” we might be able to do! After a special broadcast, launch a script that tells the API to highlight the previous broadcast in its entirety.

What would be needed to do this, and is it possible? If so, where might I find a script to do this, or what elements of the API should I focus on.

Thank you so much devs! If I get this working I would love to share it with the community!

Cheers from Psynaps!

There isn’t a supported endpoint for creating a highlight, actually. That’s why you’ve not had much luck. :slight_smile: We only support highlighting in the website.

I really appreciate the reply. Thank you!

In your personal (and/or professional) opinion as Staff, do you think this use-case has any merit as a future feature for the API?

Thank you!

Cheers from Psynaps!

Likely not the best use case for requesting since an API since this activity is frowned upon. Highlights are meant to curate good content from much longer archives and not a way to bypass the archive storage expiration. Not saying that it wouldn’t be acceptable in some limited cases but those could be done manually.

Makes sense. Hey, I was thinking.

Since Twitch is best platform, it would be a shame to 1.) lose expired content 2.) send it to YouTube.

As a partnered streamer for 4 years, when you go to my channel you might find 40-60 previous broadcasts, which doesn’t properly represent a streamer for that long. Also consider the vast amount of useful, educational, and entertaining content created during that time. This is only one of many justifications for saving content, as far as use-case justification there are plenty. It comes down to Twitch policies and resources I suppose.

If allowed, I would fully save every broadcast, forever. Lets reach for it!

Cheers from Psynaps

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