[PSA] Group Chat is migrating to AWS servers

Hey everyone,

Group chat will be moving to AWS this week. The migration will be mostly transparent on your end, but you’ll want to make sure you’re connecting to the group chat servers from this API:


When the migration is done, Group Chat will use the same servers as our main IRC chat!

The group.tmi.twitch.tv DNS record will point to irc.chat.twitch.tv when the migration is done. I recommend using the API for group servers, as the port mappings may change during the migration. For example, port 443 is only used for secure (SSL) connections in the new environment.

I’ll update this topic during the migration.


Does this mean whispers will start working on irc.chat.twitch.tv?



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Or to put it another way.

Is the Group Chat cluster no more?

We can process chat and whispers over one connection?

Yes - that’s the plan! Once the group chat and whispers functionality are going through our main cluster, we’ll decommission the group chat servers.


My bot suddenly can’t send whispers anymore (still on the server

Unrecognized command: /w

they currently get sent as PRIVMSG to jtv on said server

self.connection.privmsg(“jtv”, "/w " + nickname + " " + content)

Were there sudden changes on how whispers get sent, like a proper WHISPER irc-command?

There haven’t been any changes around this logic, but we’re looking into it!

@Felk this is now fixed. Additionally, whispers are now enabled on the main cluster!


@will Thanks, works again!

Receiving whispers as well? or just sending.


Note: you may need to send CAP REQ :twitch.tv/commands to receive whispers

@will chat messages in group chat rooms (on web) are being received twice.

Edit: I’m not seeing incoming messages on irc but I can send and see the double message on web chat.

I see this on my end as well – I have another fix on the way.

Even when sending the same CAP requests I am not receiving any whispers on AWS, only on group chat.

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Message duplication should be fixed now. If you’re not seeing messages, reconnect to one of the servers here:


@george I’m looking into whisper receipt, thanks for the report!

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The group.tmi.twitch.tv dns name appears to be already pointing at the AWS cluster irc.chat.twitch.tv yes?
Does this mean the old group chat servers are now considered deprecated?

Yep! Just about everything is working on the new servers now. I’m still working on testing whisper receipt.

My bot can send whispers, but isn’t receiving any. there doesn’t seem to be any irc WHISPER message coming in. Are you working on that?


Yep! I think I’ve found the issue. I’ll deploy the potential fix in about five minutes.