PubSub PHP get redeemed channelpoint events


I want to receive all the channel point redeem actions from users in a certain channel on Twitch. (Or from like last minute)
I prefer to use PHP since i want to run it on a server that has PHP installed, using a cronjob to schedule the checks for new redeemed rewards.

I know about pubsub, but cant find example code in PHP for it.
I found webhooks were able to give this information as well, but Twitch discontinued this.

My goal is to get information when a user redeems “Blue Lights” for x channelpoints, so i can change the lightbulb color of my smartlight to blue.


Twitch replaces WebHooks with EventSub which has the same information

PubSub is a sockets implementation, and theres few examples of it since it can be fiddly to do websockets in PHP.

The best bet here would be to use EventSub heres an example

Thanks, I will look into EventSub.
Seems more what i need as PubSub.

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