PubSub Topics with Channel ID's

Hello everyone,
I have been trying to make my first Application, that is intended to be a Subathon-Timer.
For the implementation I have used the python twitchAPI package.
I managed to connect authenticate my Application, and subscribe to the Subscribe and Cheer Events (Received an UUID). But however, I don’t receive any messages, when someone subscribes or cheers on that channel.
I have tried the functionality also with the whisper Topic, which works fine. In the API reference there it says, that I need an “user ID” for the whisper topic, where as I need an “channel ID” for the subscribe/cheer topics, but after hours of research I couldn’t find anything, that tells me the difference between these ID’s, and since I don’t get an authorisation Error, for these topics with the user ID I guessed they are the same.
So my question is, are these ID’s really the same? Or have you any idea why I don’t receive any messages?
(I am aware that the twitchAPI package is not an official package of twitch, and may have issues, but the code looked to work just fine)
Thanks a lot, and have a great start into the week :slight_smile:

You would be best joining the libraries Discord server and asking in the relevant room for your library you are using:

Sounds like you are lisenting to the wrong channel.

  • Developer you
  • ClientID foo
  • Want events from streamer bob

You need to ask streamer bob to authenticate with the relevant scopes.
To grant access/permission for foo to read bobs data
Then you can create subscriptsion as you for bobs information

So it sounds like you didn’t ask bob for permission and listening to you instead

This sounds like you are using EventSub, as pubsub doesn’t send back a UUID on LISTEN (sends an empty error message). So is your EventSub handler publically accessable? Are the subscriptions active?

They are the “same” a different “label” is used to help identify relationships between different ID’s that are involved in a message.

Like a gift sub will have 3 IDs

  • broadcaster_id - channel the sub is gifted on
  • recipient_user_id - the user that recieved the gift
  • gifter_user_id - the user that was sent the gift

The Program is running on the streamers computer, which therefore authorizes with his Account and should me give permission for his channel, right? Since the LISTEN does not return an error, the channel must also be right, otherwise the scope wouldn’t be valid, right?

It is actually the PubSub I am using, but the UUID is generated internally by the python package, and not from the response. My bad tho… :smiley:

Thanks for the response, I guess I will give the discord a try, and ask there for help, if anyone had similar issues with the package. :slight_smile:

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