Purchasing Extension Items While No Stream

As far as I’m aware, all purchases of digital items for extensions are split between the streamer, developer and Twitch when it launches next year.

Are users able to purchase items while not on a specific live-stream or channel? In that case, does the 75% go to the developer?

Extensions can only be installed to a Stream/Channel, there is no other way (as per tos) that viewers can purchase stuff, it must ONLY be on an extension interface that is installed on a stream/channel.

If the stream is not live, the extension is still on that channels page, so it will still be split.

@BarryCarlyon is mostly correct. Digital goods purchases through an Extension always have a rev share split between broadcaster, developer, and Twitch. As Extensions are installed/activated on a channel, there is always a baseline for such a split. A broadcaster does not need to be live for panel extensions to work.

Some food for thought… The developer can also be the broadcaster, in which case they will receive two separate payouts.


Thanks! That makes sense.

Thanks @rbartlet We are creating a game in extensions and we want users to be able to purchase different items that change how the game is played or make different cool cosmetic changes.

As we want to sell bundles and expect multiple streamers to be running the games at multiple times I don’t see all the items being used in the stream they were purchased in which is what lead to the question.

It make sense that if a user goes to a streamers channel to purchase items in advance of game that they should get a cut.

I assume items purchased can be used in the extension on any channel?

My answer here will be a little vague. At this point in time, developers can choose how they want to implement purchase fulfilment across channels (i.e. locking a purchase to a channel; or making a purchase available across all channels with the Extension active).

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That makes sense. As a developer, do we need to have a partner or affiliate channel to be able to earn money on our own channel with our extension? If not, is that something you would be able to help with for when we release our extension?

To install an Extension that has been monetised, the broadcaster must be a partner or an affiliate. The reasoning behind this is that they already have a means to by which they receive payouts. Developers earn money from in-Extensions purchases differently from partners and affiliates. If you are a developer and broadcast and want to earn money as both a developer and a broadcaster (so many uses of the word “and”), you need to be a partner or an affiliate. Being an Extensions Developer is not a backdoor to becoming a partner or affiliate though!

Hopefully this helps!