Question about api scopes [js jdk]

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I’ve created simple app for my website, which checks sum of followers of a specific channel on twitch and makes users access to certain area of the websit(ex: if followers count is more than 1000, access is granted). I don’t want to use scope ‘channel_read’ because it tells users, that the ‘streaming key’ will be served to the third-party web and some people may not be happy because of seeing that. Can I get around this somehow? Verification process goes through js then php(twitch api) for double checks etc.

I’m not native speaker, so forgive me if I’ve said something completly wrong :confused:

You can check /kraken/channels/:channel/follows with an unauthenticated call:

For verifying a login of a user you could request user_read or even no scope at all and look at the /kraken root for the name of the authenticated user.

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