Question about created_at

Hello everyone. I’ve got a quick question about the created_at key in the kraken API.

I’ve been reading that you can use the created_at key to generate an !uptime sort of command. I’m not asking for technical help on how to do that, that all makes sense to me. However whenever I reference the created_at key on a stream, it seems to be very old. Possibly when the account was actually created?

For instance, for user angrypug_, his JSON return looks like:

{ mature: false, status: "Survivor ONLY - Rank 1 - Prestige 3 Dwight Max Perks", broadcaster_language: "en", display_name: "ANGRYPUG_", game: "Dead by Daylight", language: "en", _id: 63164470, name: "angrypug_", created_at: "2014-05-26T00:37:27Z", updated_at: "2016-08-15T18:04:36Z", delay: null, logo: "", banner: null, video_banner: "", background: null, profile_banner: "", profile_banner_background_color: null, partner: true, url: "", views: 4076856, followers: 121184, _links: { self: "", follows: "", commercial: "", stream_key: "", chat: "", subscriptions: "", editors: "", teams: "", videos: "" } }

This user started a stream this morning, however his created_at key shows the year 2014, and not actually when the stream started.

Am I missing something entirely?

You want to use created_at under the /streams endpoint not /channels.

siiigh. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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