Quick reply shortcut for whispers

Would be nice if there was a handy shortcut (such as /r ) that would automatically fill in a whisper command for the last user you received a whisper from.

Bob: /w Alice hello alice
Alice: /r hello bob

And the /r would be either textually or functionally replaced with /w Alice

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Pressing the up arrow while focused on the text field does this, though we’ll be monitoring feedback to further improve the user experience going forward.

Oh cool, thanks.

I actualy already found myself typing /r as soon as i got my first whisper. It would really “feel more natural” if /r was a thing.
Though true, i have found myself accidentally messaging a different person bexause i used /r just when they messaged me; maybe, if you implement it, try to avoid that situation somehow?

The current up arrow implementation is nice, but why not both?

Maybe a bit nit picky, but as an extra UX feature, if I was implementing this, I would probably also
add an extra safe lock where if the “last whisper” has changed within 3 seconds of me using /r,
it stops me from sending it, just incase someone else whispers me as I’m about to send my whisper.

EDIT: Quick extra UX tip, strip @ sign in username, as people may use that for autocompleting names.

/w @ehsankia helloworld

ug the @ problem.

You can just type and name and wack tab.

@ just force pops the name picker.

But yeah the UX is unclear…
Kill @ all together gosh darn it!


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