Recording Viewers and Active Channels, Comparing the datasets

Hello, I’ve created a site for “big data”; or finding trends in various subjects. So far, I have been recording the viewers and active channels per game and a couple other statistics unrelated to Twitch.


I’m aware this has already been done here and at twitchfollower (I can only put two links in a post?), however I have additionally created a little tool to compare the datasets. I named it the “Research Room” (pretty worthless at the moment though). Eventually I’d like to include many more subjects than only Twitch streams, but at the moment, I only have a few games and just the two statistics (viewers and channels).

Please let me know what you think and any constructive feedback, thanks!

The site looks really good! I really like the aesthetic. Also, you can post more links per post as soon as your trust level on the forums increases. You can view the level at your profile (

Thank you!

And thanks for pointing that out! I didn’t realize that.