Redirect URL Update

The redirect URL is not getting updated and my clients are getting the

Parameter redirect_uri does not match registered URI

error. Does the system take a while to update the value?

It should be instantaneous. They must match exactly–protocol, no trailing slash, etc. I would confirm they match exactly. I had a problem where I accidentally added a trailing slash and didn’t have one in the web UI.

The URL, the client gets redirected to:

The Twitch Settings application:

After logging in with the Twitch Account, the client gets redirected to a URL, I used before…

After deleting the application from the dashboard and authenticating again it finally works

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Occurred with me as well, I tried to update the url but when I tested it the URL was the same as the old URL. This probably is a bug or something.

Anyways, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll ask the team about this. Thanks for the follow up!

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