Refresh tokens and documentation

Hello Twitch devs.

I have been looking through the documentation, for any reference towards refresh tokens, that are received upon successful authorization, though i can find nothing.

So i might misunderstand the flow of this, so please correct me if i am wrong.

  1. Redirect user to twitch authorization
  2. Get code from callback.
  3. Use code to get both token + refresh token.
  4. Store the refresh token, as the normal token has a short lifespan.

So, let’s say the user logs out for a few days, then comes back to my site, how would then the procedure be to get a new token? I thought the refresh token was for this use, or am i misunderstanding something? As there is no reference to this, while other Oauth API’s i have worked with, used a refresh token grant_type.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The refresh token exists but currently has no use. The oauth tokens do not expire.

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Thanks for the response!

Would be great if the documentation reflects this. If it already does, maybe make it a bit clearer, since other developers (like myself), might come in and expected refresh tokens (especially since they are given to you upon authorization).

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