Reliably ascertaining mod status


I’m very new to writing a bot so I apologise for any stupid questions.
I’m trying to find out if a user is mod in a channel or not.
I’ve requested capabilities.
However when checking for op this doesn’t seem to be reliable.
Should i be trying to use the chatters API, or is there a more reliable way. I was looking at the tags option, but from what i can see this requires a user to type a message into the channel, to check if they’re mod or not.



Request tags and read the user-state tag for Mod instead

You could also request commands instead and send a /mods and parse the response

That would only work if the person has typed something in chat. I want to use whispers so the person may not have typed anything in chat. Someone on the IRC chat suggested parsing /mods from the channel. I will try that.

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