Reply threading

It looks like Twitch chat is getting reply threads:

I can’t find an official announcement or docs on this and it seems not to be rolled out to everyone yet, but is there a way I can test this out?

The tag seems to be a custom one which is par for the course with Twitch “IRC”, but FWIW there is an official draft IRCv3 tag work in progress for this here: (I proposed this tag and have implemented it in IRCCloud)

Is this legit, is the tag finalised, and is the Twitch team interested in developer feedback/testing?

i got it too on both my channels and idk why but my friends dont have it.
i looked through bttv & FrankerFazes and didnt find any option for that

Twitch are testing the new feature and may not have rolled it out to everyone.

way better idea than @'ing someone. anyway it wonders me why i got it on my both accounts and friends still dont have this feature

Because Twitch are testing the feature and have not rolled it out to everyone

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