[Request] Allow viewer to PubSub send to EBS

I’m not sure if possible or even viable from a traffic point of view as I’m not sure on the overhead of pubsub vs the chat client etc.

So here is the situation:
I would like to create a giveaway panel however if the channel has 2000+ viewers this could mean a lot of requests in a very short time, this could effectively DDOS my server as all the requests are from the same Origin (the extension) however spread over multiple thousand IP addresses.

I’m wondering if it would be possible to:
Allow an EBS signed token to connect to pubsub to listen for a topic of whisper-{ExtensionId} and then the viewer is able to send to the whipser-{ExtensionId} topic based on their JWT?

This would give the developer of the EBS a simpler task of listening to that single topic.

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This category of problem, is something that we refer to as the fan-in problem. Whilst Pubsub provides a solution for the fan-out problem, we have not yet provided a Twitch’ish approach to address fan-in. This is something that we are aware of, and something that we are working on addressing!


That is all I needed, thanks @rbartlet

I too am looking forward to hearing about this.