EBS PubSub rate limit & Broadcast to all

I am currently looking at a new design to an extension, is their a published PubSub send limit for the Extension API Send?

Added into this is a question about doing a Broadcast from the EBS to PubSub but including all live channels, is it doable or do I need to firstly call the “get live channels” endpoint before then sending the PubSub message to each channel?

When the EBS wants to transmit realtime messages or state via PubSub, it will use the Send Extension PubSub Message endpoint. Using this endpoint, your EBS can broadcast to all viewers of a given channel or to specific user’ via a whisper.
Please be aware of the following technical guidelines for using Twitch PubSub:

  • 1 message per second per channel
  • 5 KB message size

You will need to send per channel. There has been some conversation about an extension-wide broadcast topic, but it does not yet exist.

Oh thanks, must have missed it.

Hope you chose to do the broadcast to all channels.

Thanks again