Request for a higher event sub limits

Today I’ve hit the 10000 subscription limit to event sub.
How can I request a higher limit? I didn’t find anything on the documentation page.
Thank you for your help

It’s not a thing currently available to apply for.

And there won’t be anyone useful to talk to until January 4th, due to the holidays.

You might be able to rearchitecture and drop some uneeded topics. Like only use channel goes live (on eventsub) and offset offline checks (and currentl title/game) to API calls (since you can lookup 100 channels at a time and only need to check channels that are online for example to see if they went offline).

Depends what topics you are using and your use case.

that’s annoying :sweat_smile:

That will be complicated… I’m currently listening to, stream.offline and channel.follow.
I’ll drop stream.offline, but with the other two I’m close to 9000 subscriptions.

Is there a way to contact someone (after the holidays of course) to be able to explain my use case more in details and how I could request a higher limit?

Thank you for your help

You sure you need channel follow? :smiley: Thats a really noisy topic that doesn’t really give you useful data, unless actually running overlay alerts. (generally speaking).

And you can always only listen to follows for live streams but sub/unsubbing. Depends on the use case

Not sure coz it’s not documented.

You might need a (general) support ticket then you get the ticket routed to the right department.

It’s also worth noting that EventSub is still a very new service, in time Twitch may re-evaluate subscription limits, or provide ways for apps that have a large number of authorised users to request a higher limit. It’s likely that many apps still haven’t made the move to EventSub yet so it’s hard to judge demand for higher limits.

I’m running alerts :sweat_smile:

How can I create a support ticket? There is nothing here Support | Twitch Developers (I’m sure it’s in full sight…)

It’s a great alternative to WebSub as it’s remove the need to “refresh” subscriptions every so often

Regular support.

Err pubsub doesn’t need refresh either. (Granted follows aint on PubSub anyway)

I think you confuised pubsub with webhooks :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a lot of follow alerts :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah you can jockey your subscriptions around only live channels

Yes, I’ve edited my post but not in time :rofl:

Thank you very much for your help

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