Request for higher quality cheermotes assets

A few other inquiries have been made about higher quality cheermotes but they haven’t actually gone anywhere (High quality Cheer assets and Cheermote as sprite maps), so I hope to better explain the problem.

Twitch is a very visual medium with non static background but at the moment cheermotes are saved as gifs with hard coded backgrounds which makes them very unusable in most ways that streamers would want to use them.

Want to have a your chat displayed on stream? Want to display donations on stream? If anyone uses cheermotes they will have a white/grey halo depending on what version you choose. Depending on what cheermote it can be very unnoticeable or a massive distraction.

Here are an example of two emotes an my best attempt at the moment to create a solution:
Cheer1 (Best case):
PogChamp10000 (Worst case):

Streamlabs seems to have attempted to make sprite maps for the main Cheer1 to Cheer10000 emotes as well but there is no fixing anything that has hair. PogChamp is a very good example of the worst case because it has hair and partially transparent heads rotating in the background. It was designed with transparency in mind but saved as a gif.

Is there anyone that can be contacted with the original assets to create more usable animated assets? Can we request that a new state be added to the API that has sprite maps or APNG? Previously I was told to try to create assets, but the deeper I go the more it seems impossible.

I feel like my best solution at the moment is to convert everything to “Cheer” which is disappointing, users specifically choose to use a cheermote that fits the scenario.

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