Cheermote as sprite maps

I’m attempting to create overlays that take advantage of Cheermotes, however, all of the emotes seem to be rendered out as GIFs rendered out for either the dark or light themes.

Would it be possible to have the assets rendered and offered by the API as PNG sprite maps to maintain transparency so when they’re overlayed on top of games they don’t have an ugly white or black aliased background around them.

The API would just need to have one return in addition to dark and light of “sprites” and probably include the number of frames in the map. From that information it would be easy to set up CSS for animations.

Here’s an example of how they would be laid out and used:

Thank you. :heart:

Currently no.

Just make your own to fit you needs.

I would love to, is there any way to get the actual assets used to make the GIFs? Because the problem is lack of transparency, and crunched down colors which is impossible to generate without the originals.

There’s no point to creating your own sprite sheets using the source which is the problem in the first place.

This might help you in that case

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