requestIdShare for Staff / Moderator

I recently submitted my extension for approval but it was denied because the Twitch staff were unable to authorize the extension. Currently I determine if the user has authorized by making sure that the user_id doesn’t start with an A or a U with the exception of U + channel id for the broadcaster. Does the moderator id have some other prefix? I’m not seeing anything in the docs for this.

I am guessing that since you don’t know if a user is a moderator without them authorizing the extension (Moderator role documentation request), you can simply decode the JWT and check if the role in the payload is of type “moderator”. If anyone can confirm that, would be appreciated, but I will test it and resubmit if it is working for me.

I just checked my old extension code, it does role == ‘moderator’ || role == ‘broadcaster’. I’m guessing the broadcaster check works as intended but can’t remember for sure.

Appreciate it. I test the logic out and it works well. I just made a token that had moderator in the role and added it to my runlist. Resubmitted. Now I wait. :slight_smile: