Moderator role documentation request

I’d appreciate it if a note could be added to the docs, specifically under the ‘role’ field in the JWT Schema section, that 'moderator’s will appear as ‘viewers’ until they link their identity. (And also that your extension must have identity linking enabled). I would request that linking wouldn’t be required, for convenience, but moderator status does identify people a little, so I understand.

Without linking you have NO IDEA who the user is. And it’s supposed to be like that

A moderator shouldn’t be automatically ID’ed/logged into an extension just because they are a moderator.

Broadcasters only are on their own channel as they are AUTO granted access to the extension they installed on their page.

So it makes sense it will say “viewer” for a not granted user.

Yeah wording could be tweaked on it though so it’s more obvious a grant is required to see any details about a user (but I thought that obvious myself)