Resume Watching with OAuth 3 legs connection protocol


I develop a Twitch client on tvOS (TwitchyTV).
I am working on VODs right now.
I’d like to use what I call the resumewatching API. (API available at :<user_id>)
(Link to update position for a video is :<user_id>)
I understood that for this API to work, I need a cookie set when I connect on Twitch which name is persistent.

Because I work on tvOS (which have no WebView), I have a website that do the OAuth connection, a give a small token that the user has to enter on its Apple TV to finish the connection.
When I do the last step of the OAuth 3 legs protocol to get the acces_token, I have a Set Cookie Response Header that set a unique_id key, but no persistent key.

I’d like to know if this difference is normal or not ?
If this is normal, how can I do this type of request knowing that it requires a cookie that I do not have ?


The API you’re trying to use isn’t meant for third party use. Only APIs in are available for third party use.

Ok, thanks for the answer.
Will this API become available for third party use in the future or not ?

@Zekishir0 We generally don’t speak to future plans of the API. This is unlikely to be a supported API as the resume watching experience should be built into the supported video embed.

Thanks for your answer @DallasNChains :slight_smile:

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