/search/streams changes?


Were there any changes introduced recently into /search/streams algorythm?

Querying for " Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward" used to return streams of that game, now it returns streams of other games - like “Final Fantasy VIII” along with the results thus showing the wrong streams on the site.

I’ve changed that to only query for “Heavensward” as it’s quite unique but would like to know if that’s an intentional change or is that an error.

CC https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/issues/444

Instead of searching for a game, list streams from the game: https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/v3_resources/streams.md#get-streams (see the game parameter).

Ok, I can work with that :wink:

As night said, you should use the streams endpoint with the game parameter to get streams of a specific game. The search endpoint is only guaranteed to return streams that we think match your query, and we will update the search algorithm to better suit our users without warning or version upgrades.

I understand that. Up to this point the seach query used exact-matching but I understand that changed yesterday-ish.

Why did they change how it works though?

We’ve been through this before:

and here:

Can the query accept a logical AND operator or be changed back to it’s normal function please?

If you refer to Twitch’s TwitchCon keynote, they said they are working to improve site search. I assume these changes are part of that effort, and search will be improved over time. If you need a specific game, you should query the channel endpoint instead.

I mean, at the very least if they are going to change the functionality of something I’m using they can update the documentation too. I’ve fixed my stuff to use quotes around the search string which has fixed the problem. The documentation specifically states that /search/stream querys are exact match.

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