Send data from TBot to an extension

I’m very new to twitch dev and was wondering if there’s a possibility to send data back and forth from a chat bot and an extension.

I’m just testing everything locally at the moment with the DevRig.

The idea would be to use a command from the TBot, like !help, send a message to that player’s chat and reflect it into any extension enabled from that channel.


This would relay via an external server. aka EBS (Extension Backend Service).

So depends where you state is controlled.

Thsi isn’t a “Twitch” question but a generate development question.

It’s up to you to decide where to control/store state and how state is managed/updated from external sources.

So the server storing state, accepts inputs form whatever (Twitter Tweets, Custom Dashboard Buttons, Chat Bot commands) and processes it and outs to whatever (Twitter Tweets, Dashboard Display, Extension UI, Twitch Chat)

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Yeah that makes sense. I thought there would be a mechanism to communicate these two. But as you point out it’s more a backend solution rather than a specific Twitch thing.

Thanks a lot!

Twitch doens’t provide one so you’d have to work it out yourself for what works best for your use case.

Cloests you get is Twitch Extension PubSub which will let you broadcast from a server to your running instances of extension HTML

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