Is there any way - or a planned way - to set a user’s chat colour via the api? I understand it might be tricky with the non-turbo colour restrictions but I’m sure it could be done.

Not via the API but you can via IRC:

For black (Turbo):

> PRIVMSG #channelname :.color #000000

For green (non-turbo):

> PRIVMSG #channelname :.color green
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I had no clue! Thanks!

Is there anywhere that has a full list of IRC commands? is not updated.

Any web chat command will work, with the exception of /ignore and /commercial I think, in IRC. You probably will want to replace the / with a . for ease. /color is not listed there but I think thats the only one omitted.

Commercial should work, but for the broadcaster only, I do have editor priviledges on that channel, and the broadcaster can play commercials.

(9:55:39 AM) jtv: Only the owner of this channel can use the
/commercial command.