Setting up a track with VOD (copyright)

Good day. I received an email regarding copyright infringement. How can I set up a VOD track that should not be saved to the Twitch repository? I use the latest version of OBS and there I have set the track for VOD “number 3” where I have set the media channels. This means that the media will not be stored on Twitch, but the opposite is true! But I discovered another problem: all sounds are audible in the recording on the HDD in the PC (microphone commentary, sound from the game, media (Spotify), comments (Discord, TeamSpeak, etc.). Everything is audible in the broadcast on Twitch and in the recording no mic commentary on twitch. OBS I have everything set to track “number 1”, media (Spotify) set to track “number 3”. Recording on HDD I have tracks “number 1” and track “number 3” set. What else Am I set up wrong? I immediately deleted the above entries from the Twitch repository!

  1. This has nothing to do with Game Development, so it’s in the wrong category.
  2. For how to stream with certain audio tracks disabled in VoDs, refer to the documentation for that software.
  3. Just because an audio track is not included in a VoD, does not prevent Copyright strikes if you’re using copyright content in the live stream itself.
  4. If you’re streaming Spotify, that is also a violation of the Spotify ToS.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the English language and I didn’t know where to put the post. I don’t stream Spotify, only the music is heard.

Which is against the Spotify ToS, and you don’t own the music you’re streaming so that’s a Copyright violation and will result in strikes against your channel. Disabling it from being in the VoDs wont protect you.

So I’m not allowed to use Spotify music in my streams? And from where, from what source can I use musical accompaniment? By the way, even on Spotify there is a “non DMCA” music section, I’m not allowed to use this either?

If you want to play music on your streams, find and play music that you have the rights to broadcast, from a service that allows you to do so. Spotify does NOT allow you to do this.

Spotify’s ToS prohibits you using their service to redistribute (such as by streaming) their content. Doesn’t matter if the content is listed as “non DMCA”, Spotify itself does not allow for you to do that.

If you want to find specific services that are safe to use on Twitch I suggest Googling it, as this is a Developer community forum.

Thank you for the important information. I only broadcasted briefly, just as a test broadcast, and I already deleted the recordings from Twitch. Regards

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